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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two-toned Lobster

So I'm interested in the oddities of the animal kingdom, and while searching the web I came across a story about this unique creature.

Jim Mataronas , a lobster fisherman from Newport, R.I. was at work like any other day when he discovered this rare creature.

He stated "I pulled it out and thought someone was playing a joke on us. It looked like someone took a ruler right down it," "It looks half-cooked."

Apparently the odds of finding a two-toned lobster are 1 in 50 million! They said that this rare coloration is most likely due to a genetic protein deficiency in the lobsters body.

This rare lobster was too special to be thrown back or eaten, so instead, Jim Mataronas decided to donate him to either the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut or the Boston's New England Aquarium where he could live out the rest of his life and be admired by the thousands of people that visit these aquariums each year.

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