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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Perspective

In my usual activities of being a geek, I found an interesting video about evolution. All those classes we have all took that talk about how long it took things to evolve, the evolution of recent life forms is but a mere smidge in that time scale. The video I found on the website for Seed Magazine put the evolution time scale into perspective. Please enjoy this video by Claire L. Evens. I think it puts the timing of evolution into perspective. Enjoy!

Evolution of Life in 60 Seconds


  1. The video does indeed provide an important perspective. Notice, however, that it is not as though a bunch of things suddenly started happening at once. Every second (100 million years) of that video was just as busy as the last two, just with events that we don't care about. It's not that the universe was quiet or uneventful for most of its history, we just don't care about most of those events.

  2. I thought this video did a good job of putting everything about our world into perspective. Its still amazing to me how we've been able to determine the history and the time line of events that took place on our planet before we even existed.