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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blog Critique

I liked the post "Schinderhannes Bartelsi - The Origin Of Claws In A 390-Million-Year-Old Fossil"

This post first caught my attention due to the fact that last semester in Vertebrate Biology a great amount of time was focused on the origins of many different morphological characteristics; and secondly because of the first paragraph:

"A missing link in the evolution of the front claw of living scorpions and horseshoe crabs was identified with the discovery of a 390 million-year-old fossil by researchers at Yale and the University of Bonn, Germany."

This first paragraph reminded me about our discussion of Tiktaalik, the missing link between lobe-finned fishes and tetrapods. Tiktaalik was discovered by a man named Neil Shubin, who I was fortunate enough to meet after his speech at the Natural History Museum with my Vertebrate Biology class last semester.

I thought that this post was well written, interesting, and informative. I enjoy doing puzzles, and there's nothing like finding the missing pieces that you need to complete the picture.


  1. Neeley looks extremely excited in that picture! I guess she really does love science!

  2. Correction... I love Neil Shubin! Haha. That was probably one of the more useful and exciting class outings I have had in college. So I was a bit over excited.