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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Cinematic Debut

Because we are so overwhelmed with Entomology, Val, Elise and I (Neeley) will be making a group video project on the Feeding and Breeding behavior of the Bolas Spider. It will be in the style of Indiana Jones. I will be playing the part of the Bolas spider, and editor, Val will be playing the part of my prey, Elise is our creative director/videographer/extra!... We are going to take you on a 3 minute ride into the world of the most creative hunter in the insect world. Hopefully this earns us an Academy Award. Look out Angelina Jolie there's a new leading lady in town!!! And she births adult males!!!! Muhahahhah!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Found In the Most Unusual Environment

The bacteria a normal person thinks of can’t survive “normal” temperatures right? Wrong, there is a group of organisms that thinks extreme environmental conditions are prefect. There are several environmental parameters that certain organisms call home. The environmental conditions suitable are temperature, pH, osmolarity, oxygen, and pressure. I decided to pick this group of bacteria because I thought that they were interesting. One particular type of bacterium that I found interesting goes by the name of Thermus aquaticus. I decided to compose a presentation for my senior seminar class about extremeophiles with emphasis on Thermus aquaticus.