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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Microbiology, everywhere around us

The earth we live in is not only populated by living organisms we can and can’t see with the naked eye. The world humans can’t see without the assistance of a microscope is called microbiology. Microbiology has two unique sections which are eukaryotes and prokaryotes. An example of the eukaryotic section is an organism called fungi; on the hand, an example from the prokaryotic world is bacteria. I think the most interesting field to study is that of bacteriology.
In the study of bacteriology, there are many fields of study that are applicable to the world today. Some examples of ways people study bacteria deal with medical microbiology and food microbiology. I think that medical and food microbiology are very prevalent in the world today because humans are involved with these aspects on a daily basis. Medical microbiology has to deal with pathogens that cause illness. An example of a pathogen that causes illness that people deal with today is the influenza virus; this particular virus causes the notorious flu symptoms. Food microbiology is also important in the world today because microbes assist in producing certain foods we eat on a daily basis. Examples of food produced with the use of microbes are dairy and alcohol products. In the end, the food we eat today would not be around without these small organisms.

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