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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Critics Corner

I completely hate critiquing other peoples blogs, but since it is part of our assignment I will give it my best shot. I found a good blog I enjoy following called Tetrapod Zoology. I personally follow this blog because it keys into my interests. It is cool stuff about out four legged (or winged) friends. (Duh considering tetrapod is in the title). Recently he has had a theme of dinosaurs which is very cool. But the thing I wanted to mention most about this blog is that the author is dedicated. He mentions in earlier posts (Jan 5 & 6) that he hasn't had much time to write anything new and exciting. Instead of abandoning ship while he is swamped he took the time to make that known and put small posts in none the less. He mentions something new in the field, which is cool, but redirects his audience to another blog ( Not Exactly Rocket Science) with a more detailed post on the subject. The next day the title of his post is "I don't have time for anything else" and he posts a picture of some vertebrae and asks his readers to guess what animal it belongs to. I think this is a great way to keep people interested in his blog even when he doesn't have the time to keep posting interesting stories. Of course you find out that his wife just had a beautiful baby (which is the next days post) so I'm sure thats why he has been too busy to keep up. All in all I'd like to give a round of snaps to Darren Naish for keeping readers engaged even when his blog is not the number one priority (or even making the list).

P.S: Round of snaps is something I am borrowing from some of my friends. I like to think of it as a kudos for good work/ideas.

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