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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here, there, everywhere

Has anyone seriously thought about how some of the food in our diet comes to our table to be eaten? If not, the arthropod phylum (especially the honey bee) assists with pollination to create many of the foods we eat. The arthropod phylum is very important in the delicate earth ecosystem. I feel that there are two sides to this particular phylum, the good side and the evil side. An example of a creature on the on the evil side, in my opinion are wasps because the sting and are very annoying. On the flip side, the honey bee as described earlier is a trigger for the development of many other things (ex: pollination of flowers for apples we eat).

I thought some information about the phylum is appropriate because probably many people do not have much knowledge. Arthropods are invertebrates with segmented bodies and jointed limbs. The limbs form part of an exoskeleton which is mainly made of α-chitin, a derivative of glucose. Now the most important part is the diversity of this particular phylum, which is very astounding. The diversity in a small area of forest can reach hundreds of different kinds, or any type of living environment. In the end, I feel that this particular phylum is very important to the earth’s survival, but the threat of global warming can threaten earth’s survival life line.

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