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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back In Action!!!!

Hello World! So my roommate Savannah and I have decided to resurrect Science Haggis as a side hobby. We will be blogging about whatever topics in science strike our fancy, or we encounter in our every day lives! We are two graduates of Ashland University, both with our degrees in Biology. We LOVE science, and we love to have fun! So hopefully we can make this a fun, interesting, and of course entertaining blog about science in our lives! I will be making our first real science post this weekend I promise! As for right now I just wanted to let everyone know that we are kicking off a new beginning, and encouraging people to keep (or start) following!

Thanks to some great people who encouraged us to kick our blog off: Mason Posner- Our wonderful professor from Ashland (Visit his blog A Fish Eye View, and Bora Zivkovic for shedding light on our blogs! (Visit his blog- A Blog Around The Clock) And a special thanks for my roommate and co-author Savannah for being my partner in crime.. Whether it be on here, or out in the world!

Stick around, its sure to be a wild ride!!!!

Ps: I will learn all the cool tricks like adding links to my posts so please be patient!!!!!!!!


  1. Glad to have you back. Yes, edit your post to get those hyperlinks in there. Need help? Watch

  2. Welcome back! It is good to see you decided to continue blogging.

  3. Great to see you've started blogging, and congrats for graduating! I have finals coming up at the end of this year...getting scared about them...

    Your earlier blog posts look really great, looking forward to some more science from here :)