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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Cinematic Debut

Because we are so overwhelmed with Entomology, Val, Elise and I (Neeley) will be making a group video project on the Feeding and Breeding behavior of the Bolas Spider. It will be in the style of Indiana Jones. I will be playing the part of the Bolas spider, and editor, Val will be playing the part of my prey, Elise is our creative director/videographer/extra!... We are going to take you on a 3 minute ride into the world of the most creative hunter in the insect world. Hopefully this earns us an Academy Award. Look out Angelina Jolie there's a new leading lady in town!!! And she births adult males!!!! Muhahahhah!


  1. Sounds cool, I am going to end up doing a presentation on a cool organism I found.